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Going solar doesn't just save you money, it helps offset your carbon footprint! Every home that goes solar has an average of 5-8 Tons of carbon offset.

A Free proposal will show you exactly what you will be able to save from year 1-25! Most of our customers begin saving money on their monthly bill witihn the first 3-6 months of owning their solar systems! We use the 3 largest solar install companies in the US so we can provide you with the best possible solution for your energy needs!


Set it and FORGET it! Once your system is in place you simply start enjoying the benefits. Your production guarantee gives you the peace of mind you need to know that your system is going to be working perfectly for years to come.

What our CUSTOMERS say about us!


"Devon and Nilda are smart, respectful, responsive, efficient, and friendly. All the details of my new roof, working with insurance, etc.were handled perfectly for me. Couldn't be happier with the service and quality of work. Will be using Bullard again for my next project!"

-Stephen M.


"Devon and his company, Bullard Exteriors were WONDERFUL! Our church looks so lovely! Devon has an amazing professional work ethic. He went above and beyond what he contracted to do. He stays on top of everything, is very flexible, and is very informative.

You could not ask for better communication. He is an asset and example to the construction industry."

-Rosetta W.


"I would highly recommend Bullard Exteriors for homeowners who are sick of dealing with non-professional contractors. I met Devon at a business conference and was very impressed with his passion towards providing the highest quality service to his customers. He is a sharp individual and obviously cares about his customers, based on his reviews."

-Bill H.


Panels FAQ

How long is the warranty on the panels?

The production warranty on every panel we install is 25 years! The panels break down very slowly over time. The warranty guarantees that the panels will produce at least 85% for 25 year. Thats a breakdown of only .6% per year! If the production drops below 85% per year we will come out and fix the problem ASAP!

What color are the panels?

We install black on black panels. That means the panels have a black border and black lining on the inside so that you don't see a ton of random silver lines on your roof after the panels are installed. The black on black panels are sleek looking panels that will add to the look of your home, not detract from it.

How much power does each panel produce?

We install multiple different panels but have options from 330watt all the way up to 475watt panels. Depending on the application and the budget for the project we select the appropriate panels and present the best option.

How do you decide where the panels go?

Each home and project is different than the next. We try to place panels on the South facing slopes as much as possible as that is the direction that produces the most sunlight. The next best slopes are the east and west slopes. We have software that helps determine the exact production potential for each slope so that we can accurately build a proposal that gives you the best savings possible.

What is an Inverter??

When power is created through the suns rays hitting the solar panels the power has to be converted into usable power for your home. That is what an inverter does for you! It converts the solar power into usable power that can be applied to your home usage or put back into the grid for credits off your bill!


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